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Stinky Red Kitka

Stinky Red Kitka

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The Red Kitka is a really nice sock from Stinky Socks with a thicker profile for a snowboard sock designed more for winter riding or simply for people who just dont like to get too cold when riding. So if feel the cold these are the ones for you or if you are going away for the season or a deep winter trip these will come in handy. Stinky make awesome high quality socks from tech fabrics such as the Aegis Antibacterial protection used on this sock to help stop foot stink! Plus also used on the Family sock is Cool Cotton maX® which is a moisture wicking cotton designed to pull moisture away from your feet and keep your feet dry when riding. The Red Kitka uses thicker zones in the toe and arch for superior comfort and cushioning when you are bounding around on the slopes. All this with baseball inspired logos and graphics. We all use Stinky socks here at The Board Basement and these come highly approved! High quality and they look awesome too!


Extra stretch for maximum stability - Stretchy and holds to the shape of your leg to stop them slipping down

Comfortable upper band - Doesn't dig in like other shred socks and holds the socks in position for the full day

Natural fabric, Extra soft - Natural materials and very soft to touch

Elastic arch and ankle support - For a great tailored fit which holds to the shape of your foot

Cushioned Arch - Thicker in the arch

Padded Toe - Thicker in the toe

Thinner thickness - Better for people who run hot or later seasons riding

Left Right specific toe shape - Tailored to the shape of each foot individually

AEGIS® antibacterial protection - Helps stop the stink! treated fabrics to stop bacteria build up which creates bad smells

Cool cotton maX® moisture removal - moisture wicking cotton to pull sweat away from the skin