Dakine Sawtooth 3L Jacket Amthst/Blk

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Dakine Sawtooth 3L Jacket is made with the extremely waterproof Gore-Tex® membrane, which makes skiing in any weather an absolute highlight. The sophisticated hardshell jacket is windproof that freeriders and snowboarders can defy even stormy, cold winter weather . It can still go sporty and sweaty on the mountain. The quality material of ski jacket provides a optimum moisture is Breathable and dried at effort quickly. Handy for a long day of skiing in the mountains are the many pockets ofDakine winter jacket. Here essential accessories can be stored, if the ski backpack stay at home to. Even the Goggles has its own zip pocket breathable mesh material.

By the way, the athletic hardshell jacket fits perfectly with the waterproof Stoker 3L BIB from Dakine.