Dragon NFX Covert / Red Ion

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Seconda Lente: Amber The goggle for maximum peripheral vision and a comfortable fit. The Dragon NFX features a large, cylindrical, super anti-fog frameless lens with armored venting and triple layer micro fleece lined face foam, which will be soft to your face without creating pressure points. The frameless design provides you with enhanced peripheral vision which won't let you miss anything at all while charging down the mountain. Features Patented Frameless Technology Armored Venting Flexible Dual Lexan Lens Anti-Fog Treated 100% UV Protection Hypoallergenic Micro-Fleece Lining Helmet Compatible Large Fit Red Ionized Lens Light Transmission 19% - 22% Glare reducing metal coatings offer a cool spin on the superior protective qualities of Dragon lenses. Best for bright sunny conditions by adding definition and cutting glare. Amber Lens This brown tinted lens is the perfect choice for those who need clearer contrast and enhanced depth perception. Best for variable cloudy to bright conditions by adding definition and cutting glare. Filter category: 2 Transmittance of visible light: 50 %

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