Dragon NFX2 Lick The Cat Collab / Pink Ion

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Seconda lente: Dark Smoke Providing the easiest and most secure lens change ever is only one of many awesome features of the Dragon NFX2. The all-new NFX2 features the rapid-fire lens change of Swiftlock Technology, making it Dragons most advanced cylindrical lens frame. Delivering the easiest and most secure lens change ever, the NFX2 is engineered for an airtight lens-to-frame interface and backed by Super AntiFog Technology. The NFX2 brings next level clarity, adaptability, and style to the Dragon lineup. Features Lick The Cat Collab Swiftlock Lens Change System Patented Frameless Technology Optically Correct 6 Base Injected Cylindrical Lens Super Anti-Fog Armored Venting 100% UV Protection Triple Foam with Hypoallergenic Micro Fleece Lining Silicone Strap Backing Helmet Compatible Medium Fit Pink Ionized Lens This high-quality glass coating made of highly heated metal oxides ensures a balanced light transmission and reduces glare effects. It optimizes visibility in virtually all lighting conditions. This lens is best suited for changing, low-light or cloudy weather conditions with a light transmittance of 62 - 66%. Makes for sharper contours and reduces the dazzling effect of sunlight.? Dark Smoke Lens Provides a perfect protection from extremely dazzling sunshine with a light transmittance of 5 - 8%. Reduces reflections and prevents early eye fatigue in very sunny light conditions. Ideal for sunny weather and glacier.

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