Lobster Parkboard 151

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Real park rats should go and get the new Lobster Parkboard. It's a robust board for the sickest jumps, like those the Helgasons are usually hitting. But it's still flexible enough to hunt down those jiblines. Parkboard simply means Parkboard!

Riding Style
Created for every form of park riding, be it jumps or pipes or jibs. It's a pure powerhouse with still enough flexibility. And of course it can handle every terrain you push it through.

In the park there's only one true shape and that's the true twin. The Parkboard of course comes with a Park 3BT shape with a symmetrical tip and tail. Balance and stability no matter which direction you take off or land.

Park 3BT consists of a wide centerbase and just a mellow sidebase uplift. This helps you keep control on presses and at high speed. The camber is almost flat but perfectly dosed for flexible rail riding and poppy enough for hitting kickers.

The soft-medium flex is supportive and responsive enough to hit large kickers, but soft enough to slide your favorite rails.

A poplar wood core is streaked with beech wood along the inserts and sandwiched with bi-axial fiberglass. This means great press and pop properties plus a quick manoeuverability. The extruded Super Slick X base is very durable, fast and requires almost just minimal care.


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