Arbor Foundation 155

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When progression is your top priority

You can only advance and progress fast with a solid foundation. That is exactly where the Arbor Foundation comes into play, An entry-level snowboard with class and style with a parabolic reverse camber that creates a ''catch-free” riding experience for effortless turning and faster learning. With this board you will spend more time on the mountain, have more fun, and reach your goals within no time.

Riding style
The perfect board for ambitious beginners or intermediate riders that want to progress fast and need a board that can both support them and keep up with their learning curve.

Almost twin, for the switch riding advantages of a twin snowboard with just that little extra float in the fluffy stuff.

The System utilizes a parabolic arc, which progressively reduces the amount of rocker toward the tip and tail, creating nice low profiles. On the System Rocker design, this ensures that the outside contact points are close enough to the snow to engage when maximum performance is required, this means: higher speeds, fully loaded turns, and bigger landings.

The medium flex of the Foundation is perfect for controlling your board at all speeds, while remaining flexible enough for practicing your freestyle moves.

The spoonhead tip is functional in a wide range of snow conditions. A 360 degree, fully wrapped sidewall eliminates the need for tip fill, while effectively tying the whole snowboard together. A technology that delivers incredibly tight tolerances for improved board life and durability.


Spoonhead Tips

Single Malt Core

Biax Glassing

360 Rails Extruded Base

Three Year Warranty


Anno 2017
Sesso Uomo
Flex Soft
Larghezza Tavola Standard
Tipo di Rocker Parabolic Rocker
Shape Mountain Twin
Utilizzo All Mountain

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