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The 2020 Propaganda snowboard from Academy has been designed to conquer everything the mountain has to offer. Park riding and big kickers are a breeze on this freestyle dream ride. What makes the Propaganda such a fantastic freestyle board is its unique zero camber twin design. Zero camber means that this board has a perfectly flat profile, which sits right between the traditional and reverse camber profiles used in most modern boards – meaning you get the easy manoeuvrability and park-friendly pop of a rocker with the responsiveness and turn-ability of a positive camber set-up. This gives the board a very responsive but predictable feel with plenty of pop and play. The flat base really works to lock into rails and boxes and is quick edge-to-edge for perfect line-ups on every feature. Its true twin shape is ideal for freestyle riding and the medium flex ensures the board is poppy, playful, stable and built and perfect for buttering, nose presses, jibs and rails. The Propaganda’s lively, flexible, fun feel is all down to it’s Superlight Wood Core which, as the name suggests, is made from snappy, low density wood fibres which offer plenty of pop and flex without weighing you down. The core is then surrounded by the RDS dampening system, laminated rubber layers which run round the edges to absorb impact and vibration and reduce chatter, to give a butter-smooth ride even on big impactS and heavy landings. The board uses a lightning fast sintered base and a premium laminated core for unparalleled performance and speed. The Propaganda also features with Vario Power Grip Sidecut, which gives you the control you need for your speed, while giving riders quick turn initiation and better edge hold by creating more contact points along the edge. No one likes having an edge wash out, the Power Grip sidecut prevents this and allows you to keep control in icy and windblown conditions. Altogether, the Propaganda is an award winning snowboard, this unique zero camber true twin snowboard will dominate in the park and help anyone looking to progress their freestyle skills progress quickly! Features Include Bi-Lite Fibreglass – An amazingly strong laminate that simply lasts longer and delivers incredibly smooth turn initiation Sintered P-Tex Sidewall – Super strong and durable, even at cold temperatures. Never Summer have never seen one crack! RDS 2 Damping System – A lightweight system which uses three narrow laminated damping layers which give the perfect combination of vibration absorption and stability. It is perfect for both liveliness and control Vario Power Grip Sidecut – Uses multiple radius’s to create more contact points when flexed for supreme edge hold Superlight Wood Core – Ultra-lightweight wood core with plenty of pop and flex P-tex Tip and Tail Protection – Contains P-Tex plastic which is a softer material than conventional, to help absorb vibrations and impact while sealing and protecting the wood core Press Flex Core -This rocker core design features two specific softer flex points between the feet for enhanced freestyle performance Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers – Vibration absorption directly below the bindings helps reduce foot fatigue and increase high speed stability Harmonic Tip and Tail Dampener – Uses rubber foil in the tip and tail for a lighter, snappier feel while still providing superb smoothness in your ride Low Profile Tip/Tail – A low profile in the nose and tail maximising contact with the snow for more stability while also increasing glide and float Matte Topsheet – Extra durable and scratch/chip resistant topsheet with matte finish The Lowdown Rider Profile: All Abilities Mountain Profile: All Mountain/Freestyle/Jib/Park/Pipe Camber Profile: Zero Camber Shape:True Twin Base: Durasurf Sintered 4501 base Flex: Medium Condition: Brand New – Factory waxed

Snowboard freestyle

Terreno: Park, Stree, Pista

Forma: True Twin

Profilo: Zero Camber

Profilo: Combinaison (Hybrid)

Durezza: 6

Larghezza: Normale

Topsheet: Matte

Fiberglass: Bi-Lite

Sidewalls: Sintered P-Tex

Reinforcement: Press Flex Core, RDS 2 Dampening System, Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers

Edges: Full Wrap Metal Edge

Rider level: Avanzato

Base Colour: Base-Design varia

Base: Durasurf 4501

Base: Sintered

Core: NS Super Light Wood Core

Lunghezza: 152 cm

Nose width: 28,8 cm

Waist width: 24,4 cm

Tail width: 28,8 cm

Sidecut: 7,2 m

Lunghezza reale del contatto neve: 122 cm





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